Friday, January 24, 2014

The Teen Talks (12): Making Resolutions (or Goals!) Stick

The Teen Talks is a semi-regular discussion type feature here on the blog, that allows me to talk about a variety of things from my teen perspective.

The glitz of the new year is slowly wearing away as people move back to their normal lives.If you're like me though, you've made resolutions and- shockingly- actually want to stick to them. I'm trying out some new things this year, because even though I am going to be crazy busy, I'm ridiculously determined to stick to my resolutions. Even if you didn't make resolutions, I think it's safe to say we have all made goals, whether they're something like "finish my homework before midnight!" or "completely re-do my blog design by next month!". Regardless of what they are, or how many you’ve made, I think it’s worth saying that you want to stick to them, yes? I’m trying out some new things this year to see if I can make my resolutions stick, and so I’d thought I’d share some advice on how to actually accomplish those resolutions or goals. =)

So here they are!

  • Break them down. Thus far, I think this one has been the most helpful to me. I’ve made pretty general resolutions, but then I went ahead and broke them up into little chunks. From there, I’m planning to have a set monthly goal, and then do a loose weekly goal to see how I’m doing. If I’m accomplishing my weekly goals, then I’ll be getting my monthly ones done as well, overall contributing to my resolutions’ success.
  • Track your progress somewhere you look often. Tracking your progress is key to accomplishing any goal, especially long-term ones. But what I’ve done this year is create THIS lovely thing. I hung it right by my bed, so I see it every day. I get to see my goals every week, and then I’ll be crossing things off as I get them done, to have a visual of what I’m actually getting done. It’s super motivating, and it’s something I suggest trying of course.
  •  Find your motivation. Honestly, with any goal, it can be tiring to continue on. Slaving away at a blog design is hard stuff, let me tell you, from experience. So, it’s nice to have some motivation- whether it be music, pictures, or quotes- to really inspire you to get moving again. If you’re in a blogging slump and one of your goals is to blog consistently, you might have some screenshots of your favorite comments or something that you look at to motivate yourself, or a list of your favorite blogging moments. I’m big on inspiration, so I myself have a doc of inspirational quotes, to really get me going when I’m running low. Having inspiration and your set motivation of why you’re even doing this thing in the first place will be super helpful in actually getting your goal accomplished.
  • Play “Carrot or Stick”. This is actually something the NaNo boards are famous for, so shout-out to them. Basically, you set yourself a goal, and a stick- something you don’t like doing- if you don’t accomplish it in a specific amount of time, along with a carrot- a reward- if you do accomplish your goal. This is great for short term goals like “I need to write 7 reviews today!”. If you tell yourself you’ll have to stay up doing homework if you don’t get through it, or reward yourself with a cupcake if you do, that’ll raise the stakes and really help you achieve your goal.
  • Be held accountable. This is the most obvious, for pretty clear reasons. It works. If you tell someone your goals and tell them to yell at you if you don’t accomplish them/aren’t actively working on them, you’ll be so much more motivated to actually get them done. I always like to show my sister my goals, because she’s the kind of person that will actually ask about them and yell at me. Winking smile

Those are just a few methods I’m using this year to get stuff done! I want 2014 to be an amazing year, and so, I’m hoping to get much accomplished using the above.

Did you make any resolutions? How are you planning to stick to them? Do you have any advice on how to make resolutions stick? Let me know!


  1. fantastic advice I totally agree with all of this stuff! I'm trying to lost weight and also just start managing my time better because I feel like I save so much stuff until like 8 o' clock and when I start getting more and busy I'm going to be seriously slammed. But it love that carrot and stick idea! I used to do that like "if you don't run this far today then you'll have to run double tomorrow" or something like that and it seriously propelled me through whatever I was doing. My only issue with the small chunk one is I'll always revise it in my head and be like "Nah I'm nnot feeling it I'll do it another day" and then it never happens >.<

  2. Ahh, I love the carrot and stick idea!! And you advice is awesome! The only thing I'd add is to actually make those goals :) I realized I thought a lot about the goals I had for 2014, but then I never really...decided on what I was actually going to do :D

  3. Aneeqah, this is such a fantastic post! Like you, I always try to break down my goals. For instance, my huuge reading goals for the year are always broken down into monthly goals so I don't become overwhelmed. I also think it's a great idea to tell someone about your goals but, more often than not, I never tell the people around me so I lack that motivation for other goals (like exercising frequently or finishing my homework in a timely manner). Still, I absolutely LOVE this - thanks for sharing, dear! :)

  4. These are great tips! It's always a good idea to have others make you be more accountable and just constantly remind you, push you. I also like the idea of rewarding yourself! I try and focus on the positive things coming up in my life to get through things I don't like, such as homework. As for actual goals, I just want to branch out more and do things for myself...which I've been doing and it's nice!

  5. Wow, Aneeqah these tips are absolutely fantastic! I like the Carrot and Stick one--will definitely help me find motivation to get things done as I procrastinate a lot. For instance: I am actually right now meant to be revising maths before school starts but I somehow got onto my blog, clicked on Eileen's blog then saw your comment on her latest post and realised HOLY CRAP I HAVEN'T BEEN ON ANEEQAH'S BLOG SO EONS. So yeah. -.- Off I go again.

    Fantastic post, hun! <33

  6. Wonderful tips, Aneeqah! This year I avoided making resolutions, since I never stick to them and as for goals...I think mine always boil down to the same thing: make it through the (academic) year. I am hoping, though, to carry on with the proactiveness I somehow managed to get back in the last few months and hopefully in the coming months apply that to things like coursework and exam revision. The blog is always a continual goal, but I'm going to see if I can push myself that little bit extra so that I can actually say I've achieved something. The carrot and stick method is one I think would work quite well, and I have tried it before. It's always been difficult to sustain motivation, but hopefully this year will be slightly different! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your own goals! :)


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