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Review: Auracle by Gina Rosati


Auracle by Gina Rosati

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal

Release Date: August 7th, 2012

Source: Won



16 year old Anna Rogan has a secret she's only shared with her best friend, Rei; she can astrally project out of her body, allowing her spirit to explore the world and the far reaches of the universe.

When there's a fatal accident and her classmate Taylor takes over Anna's body, what was an exhilarating distraction from her repressive home life threatens to become a permanent state. Faced with a future trapped in another dimension, Anna turns to Rei for help. Now the two of them must find a way to get Anna back into her body and stop Taylor from accusing an innocent friend of murder. Together Anna and Rei form a plan but it doesn't take into account the deeper feelings that are beginning to grow between them.

My Review:

Auracle was one of those books I was dying to read before it came out, but I never actually got around to it. I’d been starting at it for forever before I randomly decided to pick it up this summer, hoping for something really unique in the over-done genre. While the concept was something I thoroughly enjoyed, overall, I just found this book to be so… meh.

One of the things that I did find was unique was this whole idea of astrally projecting. I’ve read quite a few books in the UF/Paranormal genre, but honestly, nothing quite like the idea presented in this book. It was so cool to see what the main character, Anna, could do and to see all the places she could visit. The power was well explained and I didn’t have any gaps in my understanding- which was a refreshing change from a lot of the random stuff I see sometimes in paranormal books. It truly was well done.

This book also managed to keep me pretty engaged. I pretty much knew how things would end up, but I was really curious as to what would happen to lead to that inevitable ending. The plot had enough twists to keep me interested, enough that I really had some issues putting this book down occasionally. I mean, it’s not everyday you read a book about someone’s body getting hijacked. The creativity really hooked me.

That being said, I honestly can’t say that this book was super riveting either. Because I knew how things would end up, like I mentioned, the book got a little dull at times. I didn’t really like the predictability with the romance, or some aspects of the plot. There was just a lot of potential that I thought wasn’t fully realized.

Overall, it’s pretty hard for me to talk about this book. It had an awesome concept and decently engaging plot, although there was nothing I could really rave about. Auracle is the kind of book that was good to keep me occupied for a few hours, but it’s not one that’s going to linger. I’d recommend it to those looking for a quick, unique paranormal read. Had there been a little more depth and more twists, I may have ended up liking this one a lot more, but unfortunately, this book turned out to be just a little too average.


  1. We all had that book that we never got around to read. It sucks that when you did pick up Auracle, it didn't live up to what you've expected it to be. It's also disappointing that it's just a pretty meh book. I like to be taken by surprise when I read so the predictability factor is a huge thing for me too. Here's hoping your next read would be better! :)

  2. I planned to read this when it released but the reviews didn't seem to stand out to me and I dropped this from my TBR pretty quickly. I feel like I'd struggle a lot with the predictable plot line and with all the books I want to read, a lackluster one doesn't seem to be my cup of tea. I'm definitely going to be skipping this one, so thanks for your honesty, Aneeqah! Fantastic review, as always. :)

  3. This was one of those books I was dying to read too, though I seem to have forgotten about it since then! I like the premise for it, but I'm sad to hear it wasn't anything too mind-blowing for you in the end. I think I would have been more willing to still give it a chance a few years ago, but now, there are too many books on my TBR pile. I want something I know will blow me away.

  4. It's unfortunate that this book was just average. I don't like it when I spend my time reading just okay books instead of something that could wow me. Wonderful review! :)


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